Story Circles- The Class

Story Circles is an online class that focuses on mandala making, self exploration and visual storytelling. In this class we express, create, PLAY!

*You do not need to be an artist to join us. The course is open and accessible to anyone with a willingness to explore.

Story Circles is an online class that focuses on mandala making, self exploration and visual storytelling. In this class we express, create, PLAY!

*You do not need to be an artist to join us. The course is open and accessible to anyone with a willingness to explore.

**The next four week adventure begins June 21, 2016.


Hi Gorgeous,

I'm Cassia and I'm so glad you are here learning about the Story Circles class.

I am an artist, a mama, a yogi, a storyteller. I am also a teacher. I am honored to have guided hundreds of people to step safely into the circle of this course where they foster deeper connection to themselves and the world around them while exploring mandalas, geometry and other symbols.

That all sounds super serious. The reality is Story Circles is a healing art class exploring creative expression and visual story telling. There is also an awesome online community that gathers and shares.

The work can be deep, it is often fun, and at the end of the day, incredibly rewarding.!

Story Circles is a 4 week e-course starting June 21, 2016. I would really love it if you joined us:)



This course will allow for beautiful mandalas, sacred stories and story circles to flow from each of us, but more importantly it will allow us to find the beautiful and sacred within ourselves.


Together we will:

  • examine basic principles of sacred geometry and mandalas and experience the calm these can create.
  • play with creative expression in a safe space, free of judgment
  • explore storytelling in a visual way. We will identify stories, express stories, illuminate stories, and create stories.
  • reconnect to our forgotten voices with a simple practice (approximately 30 minutes a day or two hours per week).
  • find healing and self connection through art making.


You will receive:

  • Twice weekly emails rich with information, videos and images touching on different elements of the mandala practice and offering guided practices for your own story circle creations.
  • Video interviews with other creatives engaging with the circle, mandalas or storytelling. The video library currently includes Robin Hallett, Deb Taylor, Kelly Barton, Elizabeth Hunter, Jen Lee, Andrea Scher, and Whitney Freya with many more to come.
  • A group Q and A session with Cassia Cogger addressing any questions you have regarding the story circle process.
  • Membership to a private Facebook group allowing you a safe space to share your experiences with others as well as your work if you desire.
  • 6 Months of access to the classroom page where you can revisit the materials again and again.
  • Most importantly, you will receive the skills for a simple, lifelong creative practice keeping you connected to yourself and the world around you.


  You Will Need:

  • Time. 20 minutes a day or a couple of hours combined per week.

  •  Paper- any paper will do.

  •  Pens, pencils, crayons or paints. You will be able to make this work happen with whatever you have sitting in your junk drawer. You do not need to go out and buy special supplies (that being said, you totally can).

  •  A straight edge, anything with a rigid edge will work. Boxes or books, a ruler is not necessary.

  •  A compass (or circle form for tracing).

  • A high speed internet connection for viewing the hd videos.

The Story Circles e-course is:

  • An opportunity to reconnect to your self, your voice, your spirit.
  • A simple, straightforward, playful way to go deep in to self exploration.
  • A new way of storytelling.
  • A container for the creative expression you've been wanting.
  • A vibrant community cheering you along the whole way (if you want that.)

The Story Circles e-course is not

  • confusing, convoluted training that fills your days and leaves you feeling behind, defeated or distraught.
  • A course focused on finished products over process.
  • A reason to run to the art supply store and stock up on supplies you may never use (don’t get me wrong, you can do this... it just isn't necessary for this class.)


Reconnect to your voice. Share your stories. Play with creative expression. Return to your authentic self!

*Once you complete your registration you will receive a confirmation. A few days before class starts I will touch base with an invitation to our private Facebook community and other details. Class will begin officially on June 21, 2016.

About me, Cassia Cogger, your Story Circles Guide:



Why am I the perfect guide for you in this exploration of story circles, sacred geometry, symbol and storytelling?

  • Circles set my soul to burning. By no means are they the only thing I paint, but they have held my focus and called me to paint them, sculpt them, engage with them in many ways again and again throughout my life as an artist.
  • As a freshman in college I started out as an architecture major. The following year I switched from the school of environmental design to fine arts because as much as I loved the straight line and symmetry I needed the freedom to express.
  • After my junior year in college I took my first trip ever East of the Mississippi. It was so far East I had to fly west to get there. I traveled to and stayed in Nepal for four months… I fell in love with and studied the history and practice of both tangka and mithali painting (all in hindsight completely related to the mandalas I now produce.)
  • I am a certified yoga instructor and have explored various modes of meditation. Mandala creation now serves this purpose for me.
  • I have taught in various modes (private, in person, online) for over 20 years. I LOVE to teach and have consistently received great feedback.
  • The Story Circles e-course is the intersect of all of the above. Creating circles is my greatest love artistically and I would be honored to share the practice with you.

Love for this class...


"I LOVED the Story Circles course! The lessons were so much fun and really easy to do--even if you feel you can't draw. Cassia is a wonderful guide, she teaches from a place of joy that will infect your spirit in the best way. And just wait until you meet the supportive community! "- Robin Hallett


I hadn't picked up a pencil in about fifteen years when I signed up for Story Circles last year. But Story Circles isn't for artists; it's for anyone who's curious about healing intuitively. I found the exercises easy and heart-opening and I was surprised by how much my story circles revealed. The act of putting pencil to paper as part of a creative process is an amazing catalyst - it shows us what we already knew about ourselves, but had forgotten. I'm excited to circle with this group again and explore the next part of my story with Cassia.- Eithne Egan


"I suck at art. Never thought I would like it, but I took a risk and joined the course mostly because of the numerology and the geometrical beauty of the shapes. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that I didn't have to be good at art to enjoy this process. It was meditative, fun and sometimes even therapeutic. I connected with a side of myself I didn't know I had, I worked with my hands and I took time to create. It was awesome!"- E.L.

come join a course that is so transformational many of the students find they return to take it again and again...