Persephone Mandala

Persephone Mandala

Persephone Brown is one cool chick. There, I said it.... Until now I haven't really used first or last names all that much but I am her, mostly because I want you to link to her site and check out all she has to offer.

I took my two littles on the ferry out to visit Persephone and her son three weeks ago on Block Island. We had talked about it for a while and the perfect opportunity presented itself. My kiddos and I enjoyed a smooth ferry ride out and were immediately taken by the island. It was an incredibly bucolic little place.

We played with another friend's kiddos for a while then were off to see all that Persephone wanted to show us in the few hour span that we had. Rock walls everywhere, seemingly water everywhere, blue skies everywhere, gorgeous people everywhere, BEAUTY everywhere.

Then... we went to this conservation site that is planted with thousands of daffodils every year. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. The kids even slowed down for a minute as they tore through to get to a path they had their eye on.

Sometimes when I am in a perfect moment, in a perfect place, my mind automatically shifts almost as if it is a kaleidoscope and assigns a story to the location. It was here at this location that I could actually feel and name it happening. It was a storybook moment that I needed to capture.

I actually stopped momentarily and thought to myself, wow, this is so gorgeous, I wish we had beautiful things like this where I live... and then I realized. Wait, We do.

We enjoyed the rest of the day, got back on the ferry which was rough and choppy. My son drooled on my shoulder as he slept while my daughter cried because she wanted more potato chips. But it didn't matter. This little slice of heaven reminded me that it is all around us always, we just need to be open to it.

Now, in the times that I forget, I'll have this little story circle to remind me. I'll also remember the ferry is only a car ride away... because I am definitely going back!

As an addendum to the story as we marched back down the path to get in the car to go to our next stop, Persephone's son handed her a daffodil and said, "Here mama"... I will never forget it because it was pretty darn magical. So as I post this online with full disclosure of the awesome gal of whom I post I say, "here mama" too!

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