Cassia, Creative Explorer


I'm a mother, a wife, a yogi, an artist. A goofball at heart. I laugh often, love to play, and use too many smiley faces when I type:)

With two busy young children, a few cross country moves, and some unexpected curve balls thrown by life, I know what its like to lose track of one's self. I also know the strength of creative expression, movement, introspection and humor and their ability to find our way back home to the heart.

I've taught art classes for over a decade, and yoga for nearly as long. Recently I've been consciously weaving the two together into experiences and I have found the combination to be deeply therapeutic.

I'm still working on finding more words to put here but for now you can read this blog post about preciousness and why I am here.

For even more info you can read "if you really knew me..."