Welcome to my newest #the100dayproject where I answer a call I've been hearing for a while. 

I will indulge that part of myself circa 1980s that loved crafts and kits and creative instruction. 

The part of me that watched Saturday morning cartoons, read the backs of cereal boxes and Archies comics voraciously. That loved long road trips in the Southwest and entertained the ideas of unicorns and jackalopes, ufos and aliens, and really any other possibility.

I'll be creating #100daysoffunembroidery patterns. Fun as in F.U.N.: Funky Unique Needlework.

I'll be releasing what I deem my favorite each week as a free download. This week will be the unicorns pictured above.

For the record nothing about this project makes any sense which is exactly why I am feeling so excited. 

If you would like to receive the weekly downloadable patterns sign up directly below.