To Tending the Gardens We Already Have…


This past month has been peony season. That wonderful time of year when you walk in to the grocer and buckets on floral balls waiting to explode in to a multitude of beauty and color await you. By far one of my all time favorite blooms!

Each time I go in to the store and pass these buckets I tell myself I shouldn’t indulge. My practical side shouts I shouldn’t buy myself another bouquet when I just bought some last week yet my heart whispers please so I do.

Yesterday while driving home after purchasing a cluster of pale pink peonies I remembered, I actually have peonies in my garden. Three little bushes we planted upon our arrival here in Connecticut 8 years ago. A gift to my future self so each Spring when these beautiful blooms fill the buckets at the grocer I would have the luxury of walking outside and clipping a few from my own front yard. Some years I remember, some years I can’t forget as the big bold blooms spill over on to the grass that surrounds them. This year, until yesterday, it hadn’t even occurred to me that they existed.

As I type this my breath is still a bit heavy and my muscles fatigued. As soon as the kids climbed on the bus this morning I walked to the little strip of land where my peonies root to admire them. Upon first glance they could not be found. A heavy stand of weeds had grown up around them, a thick patch of ivy over them. Then and there I started to clear the area. Frantically pulling from the roots the nearly 3 foot tall weeds surrendered easily. The roots of the vines put up a stronger fight. Very quickly I began to uncover that which I went in search of. Very quickly I began to see the foliage of the peonies and the wilted petals of three beautiful blooms. I continued clearing until the 3 little bushes we planted 8 years ago were visible. Not quite so little now. No buds or tightly bound blooms in anticipation of blossoming but the promise of their return.

I am often in pursuit of building the next best thing, striving for a newer different (supposedly better) version of things. I often grab the big beautiful blooms made easily available to me in buckets at the front door of merchants instead of looking in my own back yard. This morning was reminder of all of the beauty I already possess. All of the goodness that already exists. This morning was a reminder of the gifts already available to us if only we remember to tend that gardens that we already have.