On Not Making the Strawberry Jam


The temperatures are hot and the humidity snuck up out of nowhere. We are T-4 days until summer vacation. Where I live this means one thing and one thing alone, it is strawberry season.(ok that might be dramatic, there are other things too but strawberry season is a big damn deal as it should be.) Families arrived to the fields by the car load last weekend and filled flat after flat.

My online feeds are clogged with pics of bright red succulent berries, talk of cleaning and freezing the berries, then more pics with stacks and stacks of little jars of jam. Everyone it seems is trying to “capture” this fleeting period in a jar.  

It had me questioning if I should be making jam too. Mind you I never have, we don’t eat jelly in our house, and I have only ever canned once in my life. Still as I see the pictures and I hear the talk I can’t help but feel a slight panic rise in me as I wonder if I or worse yet my kids are missing out. If I should be donning my apron and firing up the big pot and getting to work on something that would surely be a tasty treat.

It had me questioning and then I stopped. If I decided to make the jam I would have to give up making something else; Paintings in my studio, embroidery on the couch, tree climbing memories with my children. It would prevent me from doing the work I am really here to do. The work that lights me up. The work that when I am lucky lights you up too.

So I’m not going to make the strawberry jam. I’ll drive down the hill and buy some from a farm stand that can make it far better than I ever could and spend that time making art instead.

How about you?