Tricky Times


It has felt like tricky times this week. There is so much I'm feeling but don't know how to verbally express. I have returned to my compass to return to my center and find myself re-engaging with creating story circles as a personal practice. Nothing like geometry, symmetry and symbolism to help show me the way.

I find myself with so many questions that often lead to more questions. I want to be informed before speaking up or out on things and as I act towards becoming informed I realize I really need to know even more. Painting helps me sort it all out.

Drawing connects me to the world in which I live. Drafting connects me to that which lives inside me. The circle provides a tidy container for this introspection and exploration to occur.
What do I really want? To say or to feel, to myself or to others? Sometimes I'm not clear and others I just don't know how to say it.

I drew a cluster of flowers above. One of my favorite forms of symbolism. Dating back to Victorian times is the language of flowers when specific floral arrangements were used to send coded messages to recipients, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society. Today I will rely upon my symbols while I search for my words. Gladiolas for strength, iris for faith, freesia for trust.

In creating this circle I've answered my question once again. This is what I really want. To share and to feel. For myself and for others. Strength. Faith. Trust.