I Paint My Mind Interview

Recently I sat down with Evan La Ruffa and did an interview with him for My favorite Q and A is below. Check out his website for the rest of the interview and to see some other amazing artists.

You seem to connect your art with a certain mindfulness practice, which I totally relate to. What do you think that’s about?

I have personally experienced the way art brings me back to myself again and again. It allows me to tune in to my body through the tactile experiences of the materials I use, to my emotions as I spill them out on to the page, to my soul as I sit and pay attention to what it has to say as a muse to my creations. I have weathered some tough times both as a child and an adult and art has always been there for me, to calm, to soothe, to ground. Art making and viewing allows me to operate in a state of integration between human self and spirit self that isn’t always easy to achieve otherwise. It is a form of yoga for me in that it yokes me, connects me, to the world in which I live.