On What We Want To Say...

As an artist is it better to speak about what we observe or actually experience or about what we want to create for or experience in the world? This is a question that hit me this morning as I was scrolling through my instagram feed observing beautiful piece after beautiful piece. 

I stopped on a sweet little painting covered in needlework and beads, even some sequins. Gorgeous I thought to myself because it was. I thought of my slowly growing collection of plain white needlework on white fabric exploring all the quiet thoughts I have, the ones I am slow to express if even speaking them outright at all. I started to wonder why am I simply documenting the at times challenging spaces I am sometimes in, the fleeting thoughts, versus using my power as an artist to create beautiful spaces, moments, visual slices I might like to surround myself in.

I don’t believe there is really a “right” answer but I am entertaining the question. Somehow as I do so I keep hearing the voice of Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka and it’s saying, “We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Now I’m off to eat some snozzle berries and to paint something beautiful!