On Making The Time

I'm going to do that, as soon as I find the time. I'm sure you are too.

What is "that"? It's different for all of us.

Maybe it's something as mundane as switching from k-cups to the French Press that has sat purchased but unused for 8 months. Maybe it's returning to exercise after a long, lethargic break. Maybe, just maybe it's embracing or expanding a creative practice.

Here's the thing though, if you're waiting to find the time before acting you never will. You have to take the first step towards the action and magic happens. The time finds you.

It might be at the expense of something else, it might be to the benefit. Often it's both. The thing is you just don't know until you take that first step.

So what is it you are going to do once you find the time? Step towards it, the time will find you and then you can claim it!

If your "that" includes experimenting with a practice of creative expression, self connection or visual storytelling consider joining me for Story Circles. We begin again June 21st.

Story Circles
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guided by Cassia Cogger

Three Week e-course

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