On Patience...

Little by little, drip by drip. The ocean in a drop. 

Little by little, drip by drip. The ocean in a drop. 

 Patience is a virtue they say. Not one that I've historically possessed.

I'm a fire, aim, ready gal. Guilty of thinking something is better than nothing so let's get cracking.

I'm an act now lest the opportunity pass despite my friend's whispers that what is meant for me is always meant for me.

I am absolutely guilty of a get'er done approach even when I haven't been absolutely clear on what it was exactly I was struggling to accomplish.

Card after card I pull taunt me with messages of patience, endurance, consistency... 

I'm finally listening.

"Do not be ready before your time. There’s no knowing what symmetry is marshalling itself below this confusion.

First the long attentiveness of listening must be paid. Don’t brave your way out of this husk while it serves to protect your impressionability."

I read the above recently posted by Toko-pa as she shared her thoughts about the guardianship of one's ideas. 

If you know me or my work you know I have a sweet spot for symmetry and so it spoke to me directly. So I'm not firing, I'm not aiming, I'm not even ready. I'm waiting and it's kind of nice.