Art is For Anybody

A miniature painting my preschool son created. 

A miniature painting my preschool son created. 

Art is for Anybody! That's right. Once upon a time (maybe a week ago) I probably would have said art is for EVERYONE but that's not true. It isn't. Art is for the people who are interested in, drawn to, enamored with it.

It's not something to be forced upon others but something to make available for the taking.

It could be the making of, the appreciating of, the collecting of... Art is for anyone who is interested.

Over and over I hear from people they've always had a creative urge but didn't know how to act on it. That they have always wanted to paint or draw or sculpt or ______ but didn't feel they could. Over and over I have encouraged each person to go for it. When possible I've done what I can to get them moving on their first project.

Just this week I submitted the manuscript for my first "art instructional" book. A how to. After submitting it I emailed my editor and said, "I have never been clearer that I truly do love to teach art and creativity to anyone and everyone interested in learning it than I do right now." It lights me up!!!

I'm not sure what this all means other than I'll keep doing what I have been doing and I'll look to do even more. Right now I'm super excited to get rolling with Story Circles this June and setting up some more live opportunities as well. 

How about you?  Do you feel art is for anybody? Let me know!!!