Art, Expression and Swimming with Dolphins


I've said it before and I'll say it again, creativity is my means of processing my experience with the outside world. Painting and the creating of Story Circles as an intentional practice is a powerful process.

I lay a wash and a new level of comprehension presents itself. Sometimes a simple mark leads to a moment of Eureka. I create a piece and still may be challenged by verbal explanation but know in my heart (and on my page) how it felt.

I created this piece on my final full day in Bimini last week. I woke early and headed outside to the tables overlooking the bay. Morning wind was whipping through but everything felt wonderfully calm.

I sat and found my center both on the page and in myself. I drafted my circle, symbolic of the container of people, space and experience in which I had existed the previous 6 days. 

Two dolphins danced out of my pencil and on to the page. The magical creatures who had shared their waters with us for the previous week. Symbolic of wisdom, peace, PLAY and communication. 

A big purple fan of seaweed sprung up. The kind that allured me each time I saw them in the water. The kind that swayed gently beneath me, side to side, just as my body did as we swam above a shallow reef the day before.

Another seaweed. Seen again and again as we snorkeled. Rooted firmly yet completely relaxed. Exactly how I yearn to be.

The conch. Such a huge part of the trip for me. Speaking of finding one on the beach our first morning only to walk there and see it waiting. Swimming above hundreds of them later in the week and asking for help from another to retrieve an empty shell. Later facing my fear and diving down to gather one myself. A totem of my ability to surrender as I slowly swam back to the boat and someone offered to carry them for me and I happily received the gift of assistance. Symbolic of victory over suffering which is precisely what this trip offered.

Spirals in nature mirroring the spirals that presented themselves again and again on this trip. 

Starfish spotted at random sprinkled upon the sandy ocean floor. Connections to heaven. Symbolic of dreams come earth side.

In the center, a heart. Symbolizing myself and all the wonderful people I shared the experience with. Universally tied to joy and compassion. Also an inverted triangle, a receptacle, open for love to flow in and to be held. The pattern of the dolphins layered upon the surface of the heart because we are all different for having spent time with them.

Last week I was blessed to join Marc Winn on the Big Adventure. 15 individuals from around the world flew to a small island in the Bahamas, 200 yards wide and a few miles long. We spent our days on the ocean with each other, the amazing crew of WildQuest and more dolphins than I could have possibly imagined; Our nights in circle processing the experiences through creativity, conversation and community.

It was a spectacular, life changing week. So much so I am longing to offer a creativity retreat at the same location in 2017. I'm gathering a pod. If snorkeling with dolphins and exploring the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, sharing in circle with a community of creatives, exploring expression artistically in various modes appeals to you shoot me an email. At this point it feels like a dream but with this email I'm planting the seed and looking forward to watching it grow.