On Putting It Down...


Yesterday I put down some baggage. It was big and battered and heavy. Carrying it has worn out my shoulders, cranked my neck, strained my fingers. 

I've been tired of carrying it for sometime. It was such a cool bag in the beginning. It was sleek and powerful and anywhere I brought it I felt a little the same. Overtime I was able to decorate it in badges of honor, symbols of successes.

Over the years though, it's become beaten and battered. It's become faded and frayed. It's lost it's allure. It's become so, SO heavy.

Yesterday I knew I could carry it no more. I was scared that there might be something left in it I might need in the future. I was scared I would no longer be me without it. I was scared. Like "I need to throw up, please stop the spinning" scared. 

Despite the fear I could drag it along no more. I let go. I put it down. I walked forward.

This morning I woke up and realized there's no looking back. My shoulders are free, my body feels light. Everything I need is within.(spoiler alert, I think it might be the same for you).

I'm moving forward to that bright blue portal of immense vastness. By the time you read this I might already be there.

Would you like to join me?