On Progression...

An image showing the progression of #100simplecircles for the first 49 days

An image showing the progression of #100simplecircles for the first 49 days

So I’ve been thinking and writing about intention and purpose the past few weeks. Knowing where you want to go and why. Identifying who you are and taking the steps to get there. Making what many would call making progress.

So many people, myself included, have grand plans (or honestly sometimes the smallest of goals) yet never take action on them. 

“I want to but…”

“My dream is except…”

“Eventually I will…”


You have undoubtedly heard these things before and I’m willing to bet you’ve even uttered them once or twice yourself. We want to get going but hold yourself back by setting goals that are unattainable right out of the box , setting out on projects but never closing the loop. Perhaps setting no goals at all.

Today I’m here to share with you (and remind myself) something a business coach uttered to my husband and I back in 2001 as we considered starting a new business. He quoted Jack Canfield and said, “You don’t need to get it perfect. You just need to get it going.”

You don’t need to get it perfect. You just need to get it going.

Identify where you want to go or what you want to do then take a small a step in that direction. Then another. Then another. Course correct as you go. Build endurance as you go. Find perfection through progression.

Last night as I was reading The Revenant I read three words that really stuck. They were in the context of a job a character had pushing a boat up and down the same two mile stretch each and every day. He was in a constant state of “motion without progression”.

Every time we lock in to the thinking of “I want to but” we are creating motion, we are expending energy, we are not however progressing.

So this year I’m focusing on motion with progression. On making work in alignment with who I really want to be and what I really want to share with the world. On putting my work out in to the world, actually sharing it, vs simply just making it. On owning the fact that I have goals and dreams and aspirations and that progress won’t come simply by identifying them but by moving towards them. On digging in and doing the work to move forward. 

It feels scary to type it but here goes. I’ve always wanted to be an abundant artist but I’ve allowed myself to play small. I’ve waited for others to come to me without clearly issuing an invitation. Sometimes when people come to me I deflect the request. I haven’t put my work out in to the world in a consistent manner. Today I’m owning all of this and letting it go. I am removing the “but” from the equation.

I’ve always wanted to be an abundant artist. I am issuing a clear invitation to anyone who resonates with my work to let me know, let’s chat. I am sharing what I do in a consistent manner. I am grateful for the opportunity.

I’ve yet to get it perfect but for a few years now I’ve been working on getting it going. Today’s a course correction, a movement towards perfection while progressing.

So join me, what have you always wanted to do but… How are you ready to change that?


*one request I regularly get is for a space that houses works for sale that aren't sold via their immediate instagram posting (my favorite way to sell). I am happy to say I now have an updated one here. It is constantly evolving so be sure to follow it. In addition to originals I also just added some beautiful luxe mini prints of the planets in our solar system.