On Creating Our Own Worlds...

"I always ask myself what's with the hand, each and every time I take the photo(that's what happens when you work alone).
I also answer it feels important. The relationship of it to the page and though the circle is the evidence in the final piece I like to document the hand as well in these shots.
Almost as if the orbs are tiny worlds and my hand created them. Just a reflection or reminder that this same hand shapes the actual world I live in.
Yep, that's the daily conversation and so far it's still making sense to me."

This is from my latest instagram post. I just realized after a super busy day starting at 5am that I had forgotten, or ALMOST forgotten, to do my weekly post. I was tempted to let it go. Skip it for the week or maybe post it tomorrow or the next day then I remembered this is the year I show up, again and again. This is the year I create and live with intention. This is the year I progress. This is the year I truly take creating my world in to my own hands.

As I debated what to do, I realized that doesn't happen without doing the work. I realized it doesn't matter if I just forgot to show up. I realized all that matters was doing the work. So here I am, I may not be as thoughtful or eloquent as I would like to be. I may not be as polished. I am however here getting the work in. I am continuing the conversation...

How do you handle it in the final hour? How do you stay on path? Will you show up even if it's not as together as you might like to appear? I would love to know:)

***if you would like to read a very powerful and polished post that's in line with all this purpose and intention stuff I've been talking about go read this from my good friend Robin Hallett. What's your gazinta???