On Anxiety and Appreciation

A week ago I drove home in sleet and fog late at night. My entire body was tense, my jaw clamped down, my knuckles white. Driving in such conditions terrifies me every time!

Somehow though, despite the white knuckles, the clenched jaw, I noticed how gorgeous the moonlight through the fog on the trees that lined the interstate looked. 

I found an intersection between complete physical alertness and feeling connected to all the beauty that surrounded me. Anxiety with simultaneous appreciation.

Since that evening I have been wondering how to tap in to this on a more regular basis. Feeling the underlying fear that recently seems a common companion and staying connected to the beauty of the world. 

I'm not entirely sure what the answer is but I know my art-making process is a big part. I've started exploring this a little more intently.

How about you, Any tips or tricks on experiencing it all?

***above artwork available here.