On Getting Closer to The Truth

As I drove to the train this morning listening to Jonathan Fields interview Glennon Doyle Melton on the Good Life Project podcast there was a moment about 10 minutes before the end that she stated, "being an artist is about getting closer and closer to what is true."

It was one of those moments my shoulders softened and my jaw released. A moment of clarity, words to describe so much what this process is for me. Perfect words and from another person no less proving to me once again I am never alone in these creative endeavors. Phew!

Words to describe it all exactly and then I get caught up again because what is my truth?

It is ever evolving and expanding and sometimes confusing and hard to keep up with. I do know clearly however that one truth for me in art is that it is where soul meets body. In the making and in the viewing. This intersection is something I have been quietly exploring and as of last night have announced as a new 100 day painting project.

It's my preference to always wrap up my posts neat a tidy. To reach a bit of clarity. Lately that hasn't felt possible.  I guess this too is ever evolving and expanding. Hopefully not to confusing or hard to keep up with.

*if you too felt a sense of relief reading above and knowing you too are never alone in your creative endeavors go check out A Place for Artists.