On Purpose...


Happy New Year! It's been a funny few weeks. I have been writing a lot, perhaps more than ever, but nothing has been shared here on the blog.

I've been working on hitting the first deadline for my book and also preparing some applications to things. One of these opportunities required I create a statement of purpose. Holy moly!!! No small feat.  At it's core this is what I distilled all of my free writes, my rambling, my conversations with self and others, down to.

Art making for me is a means of organizing my own private universe. Creating brings me in to greater relationship with my surroundings. The process of making buffers the extraneous noise of the physical world around me resulting in my ability to be far more present to that which is essential.

What excites me as an artist is the possibility of creating work that offers the same opportunity for the viewer. To inspire one to enter in to greater relationship with their surroundings, to become present to that which is essential for them, ultimately internalizing the experience allowing for an opportunity to better understand and organize their own private universe as well. 

For much of this life as an artist, making work was largely about the end product; a visual statement. Now it is much more about the process and sometimes results in more questions versus a final statement at the conclusion of a piece. Yes, there are end products, some are beautiful, some are not. These products serve as artifacts of the process of inquiry and exploration that resulted in their creation.

I'm sharing this here today as it's the new year and time to get back to my regular posts. I'm also sharing it to inspire you to ask the same question. Why do you do what you do? What excites you about it and where would you love to see it lead?

The image above is one of my #100simplecircles (my current daily project). It is of a sun sign. A circle with a dot in the middle. The point, a sacred spark of divinity, the beginning of any and all creation. Last night when I painted it I decided to make the spark big, really big, kind of like a cannon ball. That's the kind of creation I'm calling down in to my life in 2016. How about you, I would love to know:)