On Magic and Participation...

A week ago Friday the kids got off the bus and immediately requested we make magic wands.

I went to the basement and dug around until I found the wand bin (we went through a period of wand crafting last Spring as well) and headed out to the backyard to begin. Sitting in a circle I helped the little ones knot the string to wrap the handles and watched as they wrapped. Paint was requested and I pulled it out. Details were added and once the first batch was complete an energetic round of "playing" magic began. The play continued throughout the evening.

The next day more wands were made and again the next. Sunday morning M, my 8 year old daughter, asked to open up a wand shop in our driveway. She wanted to set up the same table she has to peddle pancakes and lemonade, bracelets and drawings. I hesitated... We live in central Connecticut and I didn't necessarily believe our cul de sac was populated by her target market.

Instead of saying no, I gave her a minimum inventory count as well as a checklist of other things to accomplish before opening up "shop". If you're going to open a business I explained, you need to treat it like a business. M, her brother and cousins got right to work and made quick work of the list. They were determined to open.

Holding up my end of the deal the table was set up, A box was filled with change, a jug of lemonade was procured as an additional offering, the sign was popped up and their long quiet afternoon began. After 2 hours they sold one wand and one cup of lemonade. I hurt for them but they were un-phased.

I ran inside after snapping a photo of the wands and decided to share it on FB. The magic began. People started commenting, and buying. I posted it on instagram, the same thing happened. It was magic.

Orders were logged, the states they were shipping to noted, suddenly the kids were excited about geography. The payments have been arriving, the kids are suddenly excited about math. The wands ship out and new ones need to be made, the kids are excited to dive in creatively and see what happens with different colors and materials when applied to a simple stick. MAGIC!

People were choosing to participate in the magic. The kids were receiving and experiencing it as well!

There is a great Roald Dahl quote, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." It relates to a book I have read in bits and pieces over the past year that explains that perception is an active form of participation. When you choose to participate it's so easy to see, to find, to be...

Do you choose to believe in magic? If you do and you're in need of a wand the girls are ready to expand their business and I'm listing their wands here.