On Circles...

Life swirls around you and you feel increasingly lost, slightly disconnected. Nobody knows the real you.
You are not fully, or even partially expressed.
What if you could be???

This is exactly how the introduction to my Story Circles class used to start. I pulled the words down and changed them up a few months ago. They felt so dramatic at the time.

Then some time went by, I stopped my regular mandala making practice, I got busy in the day to day, the here to there, the need to go, go, go. I forgot how to sit still. I forgot a little of myself, I craved to reconnect.

I've been focusing on making regular story circles again as of recent and reading the words above feels more spot on. When I don't take a few moments to sit still, when I don't explore the stories I'm telling myself on any given day things can feel very swirly. Like whirlpool pull you under swirly.

For me, the opportunity for this exploration is creating mandalas. The circle is a vessel for me to pour my thoughts out in to and take a few moments to examine them. Identify them. Discard them.

For me, union with self occurs through creating mandalas. In making the circles I always find movement back towards center. I remember the creative, expressive soul inside in a way that I often forget.

For me, the more mandalas I make the less it becomes about making beautiful things and the more it becomes about moments of engagement. With the materials I am using and the spaces around me.

For me, this engaging with simple, sacred geometry and the mandala opens the gates to myself in a profound way again and again.

For me, sometimes, the process of making mandalas feels like a life vest. Like the circles contain and control the swirling.

As I type this I'm wondering why I am sharing any of this. Should I even admit to swirly days and disconnect? Do people even wonder why I'm enamored with the circle?

I'm doing it in the event you have a "me too" reaction. In the event you feel swirly at times too. I'm doing it as a gentle reminder to let you know(and remind myself) there are ways to control or contain it. I'm doing it because if you're here reading this you are in one way or another part of my circle and I'm grateful for that.

if you're interested in exploring mandalas, visual storytelling, creativity and union with self consider joining me for the next Story Circles class. We begin June 21st, the summer solstice.