On Anticipation...


That moment just before…
A touch.
A kiss.
A big announcement.
A release of something special to the world.

In this little piece I did for the upcoming Strike Away Show at PaxtonGate in San Francisco depicts one such moment. The moment before… Anticipation.

That moment, It’s often the most exciting for me. My husband likes to say he’s the idea guy… I like ideas too but even more so I like to act on them! I’m a builder who likes to go after something that interests me, whenever possible hard and fast.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, big growth, new opportunity. I have lots of things brewing here. One is nearing the point of anticipation… I can’t wait to share:)

Tell me, what are you currently anticipating?

***One thing I am eagerly anticipating that I can share right now is the beginning of my Story Circles e-course on June 21st. This year it's a new nine week format allowing us an opportunity to really dive deep in a relaxed slow manner as we study mandalas, symbolism and visual storytelling.