The 100 Day Project- Week 4


Reflections on 4 weeks, 28 days of clay rattles. I glazed my first round of 12 rattles last week and have several bisqued and ready to glaze this week as well. There are many more completed and drying or ready to bisque. The collages are coming but at a slower pace now.

I am really digging this project. The daily showing up for something (that is related to me for me). The committing and following through. Creativity breeds creativity and right now my artist mind is fertile like a rabbit!!!

What I am noticing this week... Shape.

Since the beginning of the project and translating the 3 d forms to 2 d pieces I have been thinking about the forms as reduced to shape. What are these shapes evocative of?

Similarly to shape I have been wondering what these pieces both flat and in the round might evoke symbolically. (I'm a sucker for symbol and it's something we discuss quite a bit in my Story Circles class.)

Arches and doorways came to mind early on as I cut out collage pieces. Transitions to other places or realms. Some reminding me of entrances to stupas or temples. 

The arch symbolism then led to my consideration of its association with the yoni or female which was interesting given that many forms as I have thrown them have felt too phalic or reminiscent of the lingas inside so many of the temples I thought about with the arches and dorrways.

Many too, have taken on forms reminiscent to me of bee hives.

Realizing I have a tendency to want to work between heavily carved or textured pieces then some completely smooth. I have made many soft and curved in form and making the first one with flatter planes and the beginning of harder edges this week feels good. Some tall, some short. Realizing, like anything, I'm striving for balance.

This week brought some new forms and shapes and my first hand built rattle of the project which has me excited to keep moving forward.

Most importantly, Feeling like I'm just getting warmed up!