On Objects That Inspire Connection...


This week I trekked in to New York City to share my ceramics work for the first time with the retail market. I participated in what is known as “Pitch Night” at Story in Chelsea along with close to 60 other makers and artists. I applied to participate about a month ago and shared a bit about what I sometimes refer to as my “cup of spirit” tea bowls. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I share a bit about them here. Shortly after submitting the application I received a response… “You’re in!”

I was so excited then nervous then excited again. I suddenly had to get really clear about my offerings as I prepared to travel in and share my little pieces with Rachel, the owner of Story, Adam Glassman, creative director of O magazine, and anybody else who was sitting on the panel. The best description of the evening I have seen so far came from Adam’s instagram account the evening of the event which read, “Here at pitch night @thisisstory with @rachelshechtman its shark tank meets speed dating meets the gong show. 3 minutes to pitch is your products !"

My pieces are constantly being made so there wasn’t much prep there. I am mostly clear about what they are and why I make them. The challenge became how do I explain it, and in such a short window of time no less…

The morning of the pitch I made my flyer to go with the pitch. I arranged my images, input my name and website and stared at a place to put my tagline… Shit!!! Then it came to me…

My what and my why are one and the same… I make objects that inspire connection. When I’ve bound books in the past they served as places to explore connection with self. My paintings as they have evolved (I hope) have moved closer and closer in to this space as well. The mandala making classes I lead absolutely do this. The ceramics pieces I have begun making again finally clearly demonstrate this for me. Those are the words that went on the flyer, “Objects That Inspire Connection”.

This Tuesday I packed up a few of my wares, I slipped a few flyers in to my folder, I hopped in the car and drove, giddy with this new understanding. I got to Story and waited in line for my pitch number. I filled out my name tag and under the “what you make” area I wrote it again, objects that inspire connection. After two PBR’s(provided for us while we waited), one tasty granola bar and a two and a half hour wait I got up in front of the panel and I introduced myself, “I’m Cassia Cogger and I make objects that inspire connection.”

The presentation felt good enough. Questions were asked, answers were given. Experience was gained. Good things have already begun to come of it.

Now I’m off to work on some more connection inspiring objects, how will you spend your day?