On Missing a Beat... And week 5 wrap up of the #the100dayproject


Last Sunday, Mother's Day, I woke up sick. I had a fever and aches and pains but smiled when the kids came in with breakfast in bed and a tiny bouquet of dandelions and wild violets.

We snuggled while they ate the strawberries off of my plate and then the heart shaped egg my husband had fried leaving behind only the crispy kale on the plate. I went back to sleep shortly after and pretty much stayed asleep. 

All day Sunday. All day Monday. Tuesday I rose only to drop my son at daycare and take myself to urgent care. Then I came home... And slept some more.

In a life with little to no down time this doesn't really work out so well... I didn't remind my daughter to do her homework, take the kids to karate, remember their school events. I didn't work, I didn't make... I only slept and soaked shirts and sheets as I sweat through one then the next . It sucked.

I definitely missed "a beat" or two... Probably way more to tell the truth.

The reason I'm sharing this is because as I'm starting to feel better I'm realizing there is a rhythm to our days and week. We have a routine of sorts. I missed a beat but because of this rhythm this morning I knew just where to step in and pick up. 

That feels good... Really good.

Now for the wrap up of week 5 of #the100dayproject (usually my Monday post).

The week's pieces were pretty varied. The biggest one yet, a hand tracing which I often play with in my 2D work, a human face. More carving... 

I realized a few things. I really like to doodle in clay! It's like play to me. I also continue to be torn between the very minimalist pieces with little to no carving (esp the rhomboids I'm playing with) but also the heavy doodle type carving.

I'm disappointed I missed making or posting for a few days but once I'm back in rhythm those pieces will be quickly caught up on.