The Magic is in the Perception...

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.- Roald Dahl

You have likely heard the above quote and will no doubt hear it again, but lately I have been running in to experience after experience reminding me of such.

A book discussing rice offerings to household spirits in Bali. The rice always disappears and upon investigation the "spirits" are ants. 

My children racing around the yard picking up stick after stick having their play heightened by them.

Wondering how in the world I will ever figure out how to do something, just to take the first step in what feels like the right direction and the task magically occurring before my eyes.

If I wanted to I could easily read or watch or see these things and dismiss them. Explain them. Break them down in to logical reasonings.

It would look something like the ants ate the rice because that's what ants do. The kids had fun with sticks because that's what kids do. The tasks become completed because I take steps towards completing them.

I don't do this though.

In the same book that includes the ants, The Spell of the Sensuous, the author talks about magic being in the perception and that perception is an active form of participation. You need to choose to believe, or at very least not choose to not to.

So I've been searching for it all around. The kids and I have been turning those sticks in to  wands. I'm marveling at the miracles of nature as spring unfolds slowly around me. I'm opening more and more to the things that seem more than mere coincidences around me. I like it.

I am choosing to participate.

*The wand above was created using an old tote bag from a Squam Art Retreat for their competition #totessquam.

The feathers are crafted from the old tote. The stick from my yard. The embroidery thread and beads from a jumble of craft stuff that moves through the house with the kids and our projects... Pieces of the everyday crafted in to something special. Something symbolic of the retreat for me. Something magical perhaps...

  • Nature and textiles, creativity and fibers. Paint.
  • Blue for the skies that reflect on the lake.
  • Natural for the come as you are state people show up in.
  • Green for the forests.
  • Pink for the gentle feminine I discovered in myself there and learned to respect in others.
  • Butterflies for transformation.
  • Feathers for flight.

and the dots...

Every time I make a wand with the kiddos the ask me to mark it where "the magic come out". The magic is everywhere at Squam and so it is on the wand as well.

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