The 100 Day Project- Week 2



Reflections at the end of week 2 of the #100DayProject with the Great Discontent.

After week one I was reflecting on a lot of technical learnings of the week and a little on the daily collages that had resulted as a responses to the clay rattles I was making.

Last week was Spring Break for my kiddos so there was less time spent making vessels from scratch. Time spent was embellishing some rattles I had already made and wrapped up for the periods of time life gets busy and I just can't get to the wheel. The important lesson for me here (and one I am always learning) is one must prioritize and plan accordingly. 

Last week having a great time with my kids was my number one priority. My daily rhythm changed. I changed accordingly.


The project didn't lose any importance to me, it just required I plan to work at night, carve a piece outside while the kids played and start on several collage pieces at one sitting at the end of the week vs one each day. 

Another lesson revealed to me is how important the process (this one and really the bigger overall creative process) really is to me. Once upon a time I started a piece with an end result in mind and worked only to that end. More often than not I ended up with one and done pieces. There wasn't much exploration, very little learning.

In this process and embracing of it as an experiment or exploration each day is somewhat of a new opportunity if I let it be. I can change the aesthetic of a piece for the project any day. As I complete one piece I am inspired to create something else related. From 3d to 2d and then back again... 

I'm enjoying the dance. Tuning in to the different rhythms and doing my best not to trip or step on anyone else's toes.

Thanks for following along:)