The 100 Day Project- Week 1


Today starts the second week of the 100 day project I committed to participate in. Day 8.

I was telling someone about the challenge and they looked at me kind of confused and asked, "well, who did you commit to?". "Myself", I answered.

"What will happen at the end?" was the next question. "I don't know" I answered. After a split second of panic I remembered the passage I shared last week from this project's creator and relaxed a bit. 

It is a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the 100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process.

I am enjoying the process. I am rolling with the process. I am learning so much from the process. 

Technically I have realized how often I just completely check out when making. I can not tell you how many rattles I have made with out a rattle inside- ugh. I can't use these so they have been chucked.

I have also realized that technically if I drop a wet ball of clay in to a wet pot there is a chance it will stick even if I do nothing in the form or scoring or slipping to make it so. These pots I have been able to use a prayer and a pin tool to dislodge the rattle on all but one. There is one left that the pin tool/prayer combo didn't work on that I am hoping will pop loose when it is bisque fired.

I am reminded that patience is always a virtue. ALWAYS! So far I am throwing most of these rattles as one form. This means I need to open the pot up wide then slowly, SLOWLY, coax it back up and in, closing it at the center. It is a methodical process and despite my best attempts to rush through it I have yet to be successful in any way other than slowly progressing through this part of the process.

I just love to make. In the choosing of the 100 days project I couldn't decide what to do. Do I paint? I'm a painter? Do I pot? I'm a potter. Should I just focus on completing a daily act of bringing my house to order each day? I suck at housekeeping. The housekeeping option was an obvious NO but the painting and potting dilemma teetered and tottered back and forth. It's like saying which of my kids is my favorite. It depends upon the moment, and often even then I can't choose.


Tying in to the above lesson learned (or t least confirmed), the I love to make and can never decide between painting or potting, I have also learned that there can be and is a beautiful relationship between the two. I have started making a collage associated with each rattle and though I'm not committing to a daily share of these (I'm striving for a little sanity) I am committing to completing all 100 by the project end.

So far these are the lessons the direct process with the pots has brought me but like everything when I tune in to one process I start noticing things in different places all around me.


So... here's to celebrating the process and watching it all unfold:)