On Offerings...

I just got on the computer and added my first pottery pieces to my store. The first ceramic pieces I have offered in almost 20 years. I was writing their descriptions and found myself typing things out like small, unique, hand made, one of a kind. Then words like stoneware, brush mark, dishwasher safe started making their way on to the screen.

As I typed the words above I cringed. I wondered to myself, “How do I explain what these pieces are really about?”. The questions that bombarded me were along the lines of:

  • How do I say these are little vessels crafted for connection?
  • How do I explain the pieces are designed in ways to celebrate texture, pattern, form?
  • How do I state that they are crafted to fill your hands, enliven your fingers?
  • How do I mention these cups are made for ritual?

and the top of these questions, the one that kept coming up again and again for me was,

  • How do I explain that I see these pieces as both an offering from and also an offering to the divine?

After I finished typing the descriptions, still sterile and descriptive in nature, I realized I was making it all more difficult than it needed to be. What if it was easy? What if it was easy to say all these things? I just would.

So, here goes…

These little pieces are vessels crafted for connection, to self, to spirit. When used in community, to others as well.

Each unique piece is designed with intention. It explores questions I ask myself as I make that surround what appeals to me in that given moment. Right now texture and form are huge for me, pattern is a constant in my work.

When you hold these pieces they are meant to be tactile. They have dimension. Textures applied to the surface or shapes carved from. Some subtle, some quite bold. Smooth glazes in places, much more matte in others. One piece with a sharp edge where the glaze ran which by many would be deemed a mistake, I find it incredibly exciting.
I have a cup I use each morning. It’s a little mug that I found in November right before what I anticipated to be a crazy two weeks. I loved this little mug, I still do. I bought it with the intention of using it to slowly sip from each morning while connecting to what was happening in that moment. Since then I have used that mug nearly every morning. Often with water and some flower essences, sometimes with tea. When I remember, I pull it out early and enjoy it before the action of the day. Some mornings the kids wake early and I sip in the midst of activity. But I sip. This is now a ritual. This is exactly how I envision these little vessels being used.

I see these little pieces as both offerings from and also to the divine. They are crafted from the earth and by hand, this opportunity and ability to do so a gift to me the creator. They are formed with intention, decorated and fired in to their forms and put back out in to the world as an offering in return.

So yes, they are handmade, unique, tea bowls and mugs. They are small and stoneware and various colors. They are dishwasher safe. However, to me, they are really so much more. They are an offering.