Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

The cocktail delivered to me last night on my birthday. A negroni, but not just any negroni. A small pour in a beautiful rocks glass, an enormous single square ice cube, and a healthy orange peel twist. So smooth. Slightly sweet. Cask aged.

The cocktail, perfection.

Aged in a vessel for a period of time before it is ready to share.

Good things come to those who wait…

The image I saw on Instagram this weekend by Catherine Just. Wearing a vintage dress, ethereal in appearance,  tucked away for 20 years when she last wore it as a staple with combat boots. A part of her comment “My art making isn't much different today than it was back then. But it feels like a coming home in a way. Back to the places in me that I had tucked a way for a while.”  Coming back to parts tucked away.

The image, intriguing.

Aged in a vessel, sometimes tucked away.

Good things come to those who wait…

The feeling I now get when I put my hands in clay. Accessing those parts tucked away for 20 years as well. The marks I then make on the surface recognizable from all facets of my work. All of it coming together and finally making sense.

Aged in a vessel until ready to share. Long tucked away. Tapping in to the pieces, it's like Catherine said, "coming home in a way".

Good things come to those who wait…

My friend Robin always says “what is meant for you is always meant for you.” There is the urgent, aggressive, uncertain part of me that hears this and it pisses me off. Seriously for a long time it has. I listen because I love her but never really bought it. I do not like to WAIT! Who says good things come of it?

Now, however, with re-entry in to the world of clay it’s like I didn’t miss a beat. My old dreams of pottery as profession have risen back to the top. Perhaps because I took two decades off and found my way back in a way full of synchronicity and ease I finally get it. What was meant for me will always be meant for me. This, to work with clay, was meant for me. This return to the clay studio, 20 years coming, so good! Good things do indeed come to those who wait.

So what do I do with this realization?

Two years ago in November I wrote a post called “What is it was easy?”

One year ago on my birthday I talked about embracing the inquiry more fully as I moved in to my 38th year. Today as I head in to my 39th I continue to do so.

I now do believe that good things come to those who wait. I now acknowledge that what was meant for me will always be meant for me (and perhaps what was meant for you will always be meant for you too). I now shout out to the world (you especially) that this long tucked away part of me, pottery, is a huge part of that and it feels like home.

Now I need to ask to ask the question, what if it was easy? What if it was easy to be a potter?

The answer is, own that I already am.

Now… I’m heading downstairs to set up the 30 year old Shimpo wheel that magically became available to me. To put my hands in some earth. To make some beautiful things.

I look forward to expanding upon this journey in to clay (and the continued journey with my 2 dimensional works) in the years ahead.

Thanks for being here.