On Chaos and Creativity...

A pic from last night's day 82 of #100DaysofTracingMyHands, my current daily creative project.

A pic from last night's day 82 of #100DaysofTracingMyHands, my current daily creative project.

This morning I was traveling by train from CT to NY. I spent most of my ride creating a piece discussing the benefits of showing up. Of showing up to my creative practice each and every day. Of showing up to it in whatever way I see possible. Of regardless of the chaos that surrounds me at time, showing up.

I went to save the piece and the connection failed. My words disappeared...

I will tell you the piece talked about full days and long lists. Of possibility of overwhelm. Of the many missteps I make on a daily basis.

It also talked about this daily practice of showing up for creativity being my saving grace. A daily painting, even if just moments spent. A play date with clay, even if I've missed 5 of the 7 classes this session and had to leave early the two I could make. A snapshot of treasures gathered from my daily life arranged on white, even if it's snapped while hollering at the kids to stop bickering with each other and doesn't even always make it off of my phone for anyone to see.

Creativity fuels my curiosity and curiosity keeps the overwhelm at bay. I'm wondering do any of these challenges sound familiar? I am also wondering, do you have a daily creative practice? 

Mostly, I'm wondering, are you interested in exploring one?

If the answer is "YES!", I would love to have you join me for a passion project I've been quietly working on. Seven days of simple prompts and inquiries surrounding curiosity and creativity delivered to your inbox. An online place to gather if you so desire to share the experience. Creativity tools to keep the overwhelm at bay.

Creative kindreds are already gathering. I would love if you want to join us too. We begin October 18. Hop on board below.