On Containers for Creating...


Today is day 97 of my second consecutive 100 day project. This means each day for 100 days I have committed to showing up for a project and working on it. The first one I embraced on was #100daysofclayrattles and now I am in the final stretch of completing #100daysoftracingmyhands. The experience has been profound in a quiet and cumulative way that was hard to understand when I started and even harder to describe now as I continue. What I can say is it has allowed me to show up daily in a way that perhaps I never have before. This Monday October 26 will be the day after the final day of 100 days of tracing my hands and I will without a doubt be continuing on with another yet to be determined daily project.

Showing up daily has enabled me to have an ongoing conversation with my work, with myself, with the world around me. It has allowed me to question what I am doing, to inquire why I am doing it and to wonder how I might continue. Above and beyond any other benefit (and there have been many) it has created a container for creative exploring.

This container has required me to show up everyday. It has allowed me to make piles of work without the attachment to judgement. It has encouraged me to expand in the safe confines of self imposed rules. It has been so, so good!

I’m still processing on what all of this means, but I do know that having a container to creatively explore has been so helpful. I’ll continue to share what comes up for me as I can name it but am currently hesitant to name anything further as I feel this space of openness and curiosity surrounding what the projects will continue to unfurl feels really sacred.

Cheers to Creative Exploring!!!

If you’re feeling curious too, I would love to invite you below for seven days of creative exploring in a space led by me.