On Rising Up- My Story of a Little Bud


Sitting out on our hotel room patio this August I snapped the above picture. It was one of probably 200 that I snapped of these water lilies over the week we were there. Each morning I sat for a few minutes and watched the koi in the pond swim around them and loved the visual reminder of a beautiful flower rising up above a mucky pond to blossom (yes, I am big in to metaphors and have loved the lotus for decades).

The final morning we were there however I saw the little guy in the lower corner of the picture. Yes, I am referring to the bud in transition. Sharp and pointy, still green and probably quite rigid as it contained all of it's beauty within not knowing yet that it might bloom.

I thought about this bud first as a seed and then a sprout. Finally a plant. Born in to murky surroundings but somehow finding the light shining down from above. Rising towards it. Then as a little sprout, sometimes blocked by the other plants above or knocked in to the big fish that swam around him. Yet continuing to sensing the light above him. Rising towards it. As a larger plant getting swished around as the water he existed in would be disturbed by winds or accosted by the koi as they suckled on his body looking for food. Still aware of the light above and rising towards it.

I had never seen a bud in transition before and the image has stuck with me. That in between state. Somewhat alien and akward in appearance next to all of the flowers in full bloom yet full of promise. Somewhat rigid and sharp, almost dangerous looking, in opposition to the flowery petals unfurling from the plants around it yet completely intriguing. Dark in color as opposed to the bright and vibrant pinks yet gorgeous in it's subtlety.

I've been working with it, a lot. Many paintings have been born out of this sighting and I am excited to share them with you soon. Tomorrow night I will post the first wave of originals as well as one limited edition print to my etsy store. They are ready to rise up off of my studio shelves and find a spot in the light beyond.

***as I reread this post it occurs to me that all of this is probably a story I have assigned this little bud. It was probably never aware that it's surroundings were murky or that it was being blocked by plants up above or knocked or suckled by big fish or even that the water around it was disturbed by winds. It was probably just doing what it as meant to do, separate from any stories it had assigned to it's condition. It makes me wonder where we can remove old stories we have assigned too as we tune in to what we are meant to do. #whatifitwaseasy