On Transformation and Not Freaking Out...


"I wonder if the butterfly freaks out when it's all mush inside it's chrysallis?" This is something I often ask myself?

I also wonder if I would freak out a little less in the midst of transformation if I could take shelter in a hard coccoon high up in a tree. (I'm pretty sure the answer is yes...)

Today I taught my first mixed media workshop to a wonderful group of ladies at the Wethersfield Art League here in CT. The classes are held in a charming little one room school house, easels stacked in one corner, paint stained tables lined up around the room. A fish trophy hung centerpiece on one wall. I walked in with our supplies for the day and felt immediately at home.

We talked transformation in class and embarked on transforming our blank white watercolor pages in to symbols of transformation. The lesson was part Story Circles, part inspired by Tracy Verdugo and part awesome packing tape image transfer.

We painted a wash of water on the page followed by some drops of acrylic ink watching them race across the page. "Let the paint do what it does. Don't freak out."

We trimmed our images for transfer and burnished them to the tape removing any air bubbles. Paint from the tables stuck to some. "Let the tape do what it does. Don't freak out."

We dipped our fingers and spiraled and printed and meditated on transformation as we painted. Wet paint from the wash below bleeding up from below changing everything as we worked. "Don't freak out. let the colors mix."

Finally finishing with brushwork with black ink, picking my piece up to show the students and watching the dark liquid drip down the page. "Don't freak out. Enjoy the accident."

Nobody freaked out. We stayed clear and determined on transforming our pages. Beautiful pieces were the result.

There is much to learn from this creation process:)

I just listed the painting above in my etsy store is you need a wall piece to remind you not to freak out either. Until I ship it, I will hang it straight across from my desk.

And if you have any tips or tricks on how you don't freak out in the midst of turning gooey in the transformation process please share below:)