On Creating and Connecting...


"Why do you have to have all of this stuff?"
"Can't you just choose one thing and go with it?"
"Man, this is a lot of crap!"

All words that blared in my head while cleaning my studio this weekend.

The kind of cleaning where I pick up a spool of rattan to move somewhere and find a perfect home for it only to turn around and see that somehow 10 more spools have now revealed themselves in the exact same spot I just moved the one from.

The kind of cleaning where I hoist a leather hide up and turn to place it somewhere only to realize that there is really nowhere else for it to be.

The kind of cleaning where I move canvases and panels and can almost use my easel the way it is intended to be used except for the enormous box of paints on the floor blocking the way.

People ask me what "kind of artist" I am and I oscillate between answering an eclectic one which feels a bit like a bull shit answer, to a painter which feels somewhat inauthentic because I play with much more, to my least favorite response, silence.

I realized as I cleaned and organized over the weekend I am the kind of artist who likes to create and connect.

I am the kind of artist that lays paint on a page and before the bristles even hit the canvas gets goose bumps as her shoulders relax and she starts to sense connection to the divine both inside and out.

I am the kind of artist that pulls out a sewing machine to lose herself in the rhythmic stitch of it and find connection to grandmothers, mothers and sisters all over the world both present and past.

I am the kind of artist that feels her hands covered up and over the wrists with a slurry of clay as she sculpts feeling connection deeply to the earth from which the clay came.

I am the kind of artist that soaks long dried vine and fiber to weave a basket and gets energized by the connection to nature, by giving old plants new life.

I am the kind of artist that loves to bind a book with a single thread savoring the pass of waxed linen through leather, the tooth of paper on skin, the connection to body and breath as she works.

I am the kind of artist who also loves to teach, to guide creative explorations, to witness others finding connection not only to self but also to those surrounding them.

I am the kind of artist who wants to invite you to experience the same... I am creating a new video course on creating a long stitch/link stitch journal with one continuous thread. Join me.