It's About More Than Just Showing Up...


An interesting thing happens when you identify your values, name your dreams then move closer and closer in to alignment with them. Things start shifting (whether they be inside or out). There is movement. It can be overwhelming, and... I always say, "just keep showing up".

I realized last week it requires a bit more than that.

Summer ended. School started. I shifted back in to more of a full on work mode and headed off to lead a big paint party Thursday night for a Connecticut women's group. I was so excited!

Paints were packed. Example was prepped. I left extra time even, planning for the inevitable traffic I was going to encounter. I pulled in to the parking lot early to set up and as I shifted the car in to park a part of my brain, quiet until then, set off a blaring alarm!

I forgot the canvases.

I forgot 28 CANVASES!


There was no way of working around this one. We couldn't paint without something to paint on.

I ran inside and set up what I did have. I confirmed our start time. Calmly smiled and announced I had to run a quick errand and would be right back.

I hopped in my car and hit the GPS even though I knew where to drive to buy art supplies. I started following it in a million different directions none of which were making sense. I started to get shaky and nervous and upset. Then I pulled it together. Took a few breaths. Remembered everything that I always teach.

I turned off the GPS and trusted my gut and my prior experience. I continued to breath. I reminded myself repeatedly to look for the lesson in the situation, and trust me, there were many! I counted all of my blessings in the situation.

  • Fortunately the party was an hour later than originally planned!
  • Fortunately I knew my way around the area and was able to find more canvases in a short period of time!
  • Fortunately I had my purse and money!
  • Fortunately the box of Sugar Babies I bought with the canvases were fresh!
  • Fortunately I remembered to breathe!
  • Fortunately I didn't lose my shit!!!

As I drove back to the party (with ample time to spare and in between all the self chastising) I kept inquiring, "what's my lesson here?"

Suddenly, clear as day, I realized it. The lesson was that it's not just about showing up. It's about being prepared when you show up. It's about having the right stuff with you. And when you make a mistake, it's about not losing your shit!

Got that... (I'm making these as notes to myself and for anybody else who has ever been in a similar situation)

  • First and foremost, You need to show up.
  • Second and equally important, You need to have the right stuff.
  • Finally, Never lose your shit. Just keep breathing.