Lunchtime and Love Notes


This morning brought the big yellow bus, Mr. Steve, No. 35. A familiar and friendly site... Back to school.

My daughter started second grade and with that I started packing lunches and making love notes (or drawings) again.

Ever since M went to daycare for a spell at KinderCare where we wrote love notes each morning for a midday read she has liked a little something in the day to feel the love(or more likely than not I've just liked giving it to her).

Today as I doodled and painted this with my 3 year old painting next to me at 6:30am I thought of when I used to pack lunch. It was a rare event as hot lunch was just cheaper and easier. When we got to "pack" it was usually for a field trip and the occasion brought much excitement.

It would start with finding the perfect paper bag which we rarely had. I recollect an occasion or two full of dread as I walked in to class carrying a full size grocery sack folded over holding my little lunch. I recollect a time or two being at King Soopers (our grocery store) a day or so in advance of a trip and sneaking to the produce section to grab a little paper bag to bring home with me. 

Tucked in to these paper bags I remember grape sodas and peanut butter sandwiches, potato chips, maybe a piece of fruit or a cookie...

More than anything though I remember the way my mom wrote my name on the bag and the smiley faces she used to draw beneath them. I loved them more than anything. I still think it's the best smiley face ever (I have an embossing stamp of it). It was the mark of my mama and to see it midday when I least expected it, it warmed me up. It made me smile. I forgot all about the bag (big or not) and it's contents. It made me feel loved. It still does.

So, whether the love notes I make now are about M wanting them or about me wanting to help her feel the same way I used to when I saw my mom's mark, it really doesn't matter. I like to tuck the love notes in for lunchtime and I imagine those days where she refuses to pack I'll find a new place to tuck them as well...

Do you have any memories of packing your lunch???