Pattern Soothes on So Many Levels


Pattern soothes on so many levels.

As I sit here and type this I am finding it amazing that somehow in the midst of a very FULL summer it is happening. A post is making it up. My courses are running beautifully. I am painting. Laundry is getting done(we won't talk about the rest of the house...). We have found a pattern, a routine, and man oh man does it feel good.

Early morning play. Doodles with crayons fulfilling the kids latest and greatest requests. Coffee with coconut milk. Breakfast for them(Thank Goodness for Van's waffles). They play dolls or daycare or monsters versus aliens, I sneak in 40 minutes or so on my laptop or in my sketchbook. Backyard explorations while I pack lunches. Swim lessons. Pool Play. Downtime at home, be it ever so brief. Karate. Dinner. Tuck-ins. Work. Bed(and man does it feel good).

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The days are busy but with a pattern in place it's all doable.

The schedule is full and so is my heart.