Art Heals, So Does Space. Have Paints, Will Travel...


I often say Art heals. It's true, it does. I know anytime I am in the thick of something and need to think or release or process if I can find the time to create something, ANYTHING, everything will be a little better. I know I'm not the only one who has this experience.

The other thing that often helps is a stroll. A walk in the park, a hike to the river.

Now combine the two... Magic!

I'm not saying it makes everything go away, I'm just saying it allows you an outlet and an opportunity to recalibrate then come back to a situation able to reassess. To try again if necessary.

The easiest way to runaway and paint that I know of is watercolor. You can throw the tiniest of palettes in to your bag(or just keep one in it), an aqua pen or brush or two and be on your way. You can make it much more involved, a bigger production, BUT, you don't need to.

Is something bugging you. Try it. Throw some supplies in a bag (whatever you have) and head out. Find a spot, sit for a moment or several, and let it all spill out on the page.

If you're someone this sounds good to but are running in to this nagging voice saying, "Yeah, but... you're not an artist, you would look like a fool", I assure you, the voice is wrong! If you're saying "Yeah, but I don't know how!" check out my newest class, Story Circles Watercolor, an exploration in medium and technique. I'll teach you how:)