An Interview with Robin Hallet- Story Circles/Mandalas as Healing

Today I am sharing the week 3 video interview from the Spring round of Story Circles with Robin Hallett. Robin is an amazing artist and intuitive healer in Illinois and someone I am fortunate enough to call a close friend.

I have always believed and experienced art as a healing force but when Robin first showed me a mandala she created upon her father's death it became very clear to me that we can choose specific stories to release. That mandalas or Story Circles can be created as catharsis.

It's a powerful interview. It's an even more powerful practice. I have gone through it more than once now and even blogged about one of the experiences of creating a mandala for catharsis. Watch the video, try it out for yourself and if you're interested in learning more about the full class check it out here.

If you want to know more about Robin, and trust me, you do, you can find her on Facebook, at her website and on instagram under @robinhallett.

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