#Permission Granted- Central Park

Along the same lines of Foolish Projectry as my basketry clubhouse for this summer, I have been making up permission slips to slip here and there. Maybe brighten a person's day or lift them from a dark space others might not even know exists.

The idea for permission slips stemmed from a blog post by Elizabeth Duvivier last December.

"Sometimes I wish I could hand out permission slips to people I see struggling, or whisper in their ear, "it's okay to feel sadness at the holidays."  Of course how creepy would THAT be?!"

Yes!!! It's OK!!! I did the whole, "I want to", "I'm going to", and after a quick visit with Elizabeth was slated last week I finally did! I made some postcards up, I grabbed some washi tape and the rest is history.

M and I have a collaborative painting "It's Ok to Feel it All" which happened with out this project in mind BUT, it's pretty much perfect. So, we printed postcards with the image and a sweet little note. It's ok to feel it all!

Today I was out and about with the monchichis and we spent much of the day in Central Park. After a dinosaur hunt in the Ramble and lots of distance on seemingly out of control scooters we stopped for lunch at Ball Fields Cafe.

I tried to inconspicuously pull a permission slip out to leave on the table. M noticed. The rest was history. My kiddos took the rest of the pile of slips, the roll of tape and took off. As we  meandered out of the park they tucked and hung them here and there.

My heart melted. and I felt it(maybe because I knew I could. Permission Granted.)

(as I type this they are sitting over breakfast drawing love notes to do another round today...)