Summer Solstice

Each year we start the June Story Circles session on the summer(for North of the equator) solstice. The day seems sacred and incredibly appropriate as the word Solstice is derived from the words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). The sun is just one of the circles that surround us in our worlds and to start the Story Circles journey on a day where this circle, el sol, was believed to stand still feels just right. For our friends to the South, the turn to winter is no less revered...

The above video and below text is part of our Day 1 email. I wanted to share it here as well.
Over the course of the next few weeks we will be creating circles to stop time. To catch stories. To craft stories. To release some and call others forth.

Today I invite you to step outside, take a hike, go to the beach, just walk around your yard or the block. Tune in to the circles you pass. See what you find, what presents itself. Collect things if you like.

Then take a moment or several and craft a circle. Do it alone or as a group. Perhaps if you're able light a candle or fire.

Consider this circle a container. Pour your thoughts and wishes in to it for the coming weeks. Consider this act an initiation to your season ahead. An invitation to the self connection through creative expression that awaits…

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