I want to, I'm going to, I started!


This morning was up and at em, out to the studio early. I needed to do a few things without helpers and knew the earlier it happened the more likely that it would...

After finishing up the "necessary" stuff I popped out in to the yard with the kiddos and brought my reed with me. This summer I'm tackling a "I want to, I'm going to..." Now I can say "I started...".

Ever since taking a class in random weaving with Harriet Goodall at Squam last June I have wanted to do more with the medium, the process... I've wanted to make things, BIG things... I dreamt up structures one can go inside, maybe like a chrysallis or cocoon, coming out transformed.

I have said more than once to various people "I want to do this..." Even last summer I signed up for Andrea Scher's "Start a Foolish Project" course and envisioned large baskets people could inhabit in various locals. Yet, I did nothing but talk about it.

Then about a month ago I ordered some heavier stock reed and changed it to "I'm going to do this..." and announced to the kids we would weave a basketry clubhouse this summer. My daughter is great at keeping me on task and the goods were here, so one step closer....

This morning I started! I drug out the reed and filled the kids water table and soaked the thick pieces. I started out way too fast and way too big (my only plan was to start, not anything of any sort of visual expectation or size- can you believe I started University as an architecture student...). Fortunately I found a hula hoop nearby and pulled out about 100 twistie ties and was able to save myself. To get back on track.

I worked excitedly feeling the sun burn my neck. The kids played on the playscape, today a pirate ship, and chatted of mermaid lagoons and flying octopuses, green and orange and all mixed together in color. I was granted the role of a weaving fish and took my materials to the shade by the slide and worked as they played on and around me, evn climbing in and out of the structure I was struggling to craft. 

It has a way to go, a long way, but I started and I'm psyched!

As I finished this morning I smiled at M and said "I know it's hard to visualize not, but it is going to be very cool. Do you know what I mean?"

M looked right back at me and said, "Yeah I think so. Because right now it's NOT hard to visualize that it's NOT going to be very cool."

Like I said, It has a way to go, but I STARTED:)

What will you start this summer that you've been talking about for way to long?