An Interview with Kelly Barton- On Creating, Fear and other Stuff...

Part of the Story Circles class that I teach is interviews with other creatives who work with the circle or mandalas. Who have a similar or different relationship to it. This week as I ramp up for the next round of Story Circles starting June 21st I am sharing the interviews I did in the class this past Spring. They are all chock full of great conversations of creating, connecting, expressing and more.

Today's interview was from week 1 with Kelly Barton. Kelly is an artist I have followed online who I was actually lucky enough to see(I say see because it was such a madhouse and I was such a dork I didn't go introduce myself there- too overwhelmed) at the Indie Kindred preview in Portland last year. Kelly is featured in the movie (which is available for online rental on Vimeo starting tomorrow- WOOHOO) and can be found on her website, at etsy and on my favorite platform instagram @kellybarton.

Video cliff notes include : Kelly came upon mandalas through a need to offer a creative excercise in workshops utilizing watercolors. She quickly fell in love with working in the round and like so many of us, finds creating them very therapeutic. She recalls other relationships to circle at camp and singing Joni Mitchell's the Circle Game. We discuss how fear can really hold us back from experiencing new things, like creative expression, and that in the end that fear is really just wasted energy.

If you liked the interview please share away. If you want to learn more about the Story Circles class check it out here:)