An Interview with Deb Taylor- It's Not About the Drawing

Second installment of a video share from the last run of Story Circles with Deb Taylor. Another great conversation around creating, connecting, expressing and more. 

Deb is an artist (visual, written, culinary and more) and teacher(online and in the flesh) living in Florida who I also (see Kelly Barton's interview from yesterday) connected with virtually (man I love the internet). I started by following Deb on her prolific instgram feed @debdidit, on her blog, and also at her collaborative photo/writing project She is Three.

This interview is a perfect conversation for those who might think Story Circles is just about drawing or painting... We discuss fabric and sand drawing and photography...

If you're intrigued about the Story Circles course read more here. If you liked the interview share away- I would be so grateful:)