On Summer Stories and Summer Wishes


This morning was the first official day of summer vacation for the kiddos. For the first time no school, no camp, no daycare, no nanny. Just loosey goosey mornings, afternoons at the pool and day trips as wanted. A week and a half away later this summer (and yes, a work from home mama squeezing time in for the essentials but I have decided I am not going to let that hold me back from enjoying the spaces in between as it has in the past) but largely we are HOME and we are TOGETHER!

We took to the yard early. Hanging a bird house which needed a name (Dark Moon was the consensus among M & C) that resulted in naming the playscape and ultimately the house.

Picking the two strawberries off of our sad little tower in need of summer love (it's coming my friend).

Filling the water table and then attempting to fill the playhouse to make it an aquarium for the sharks evidently on their way to visit.

Then, like is often my nature, the feeling to need to do something "productive" (sadly sometimes I forget that playing with our kids might be the most productive thing I can do). I settled on yard work and quickly remembered the vine fast encroaching upon our deck. Tickling me as I sit in a chair, straining the railing as it creeps further up...

My little helper in tow we went to get some clippers and started the excavation. Fortunately having him alongside reminded me that play was important and our battle with the dragon vine(no doubt inspired by the recent obsession with all things dragon thank you Island of Berk...) ensued.

One hit was made and then a slice followed by another and another. Cal intermittently delivering karate kicks and chops and dragging pieces away. Finally the mighty root was pulled and the beast fell... Victory.

Yet somehow I felt sad that this beautiful vine looking ready to burst in blossom at some point this summer was felled simply because it chose to climb in the wrong spot.

Wanting to put it to some use we stripped the leaves and coiled the vines for some basketry later once it's dried. We gathered the dragon scales(leaves) and smaller tentacles(little vines) and fell in to a natural rhythm of creating a mandala, a story circle, creating something beautiful. Initiating the yard for summer. Unintentionally making a vessel in which to cast our summer wishes.

Then we did... We grabbed some peonies and dahlias slightly past their prime and threw in petal by petal speaking hopes for the weeks ahead. Hikes and camp outs. Marshmallows and slide rides. Waterparks and more... Time HOME. Time TOGETHER.

This is what I wish for my summer... An amazing and ever evolving Story Circles class starting this solstice. Playtime and make believe with the kiddos (and maybe even some without). Hikes and camp outs, marshmallows and slide rides, water parks and more...

These things and more are exactly what I wish for our summer to be woven from.