Paintings, Only Real When Shared?


One of my favorite quotes is from the late Christopher McCandless who wrote that "Happiness is only real when shared". I like to think that in a way it means any experience is richer when shared with others, that is of course my interpretation, but I'm going with it.

Thinking of this brought up the age old question, well then, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? It seems to me the answer is of course it does, but if no one is there to notice it, does it matter?

This is kind of how I have been feeling about my paintings lately. I work, alone, in my studio. I am a member to various online communities and share my work there, virtually. I teach classes, online. I have become very aware recently that I lack connection. More importantly, that I crave connection.

It isn't that I want to put my paintings out in to the real world in search of praise (though it's nice), or income (also lovely, thank you very much). It is that sharing the work, for me, is part of the cycle of creation. I like to see what the pieces create for other people when they see them.

So.... I've set up a few live painting events(the Barn in Old Wethersfield is pictured above). I have been participating in some live shows. I might even consider returning to some form of old school gallery relationship, all in the name of human interaction.

Kind of a rambly post this evening but just wanted to put this out there...

How about you? Do you crave real, physical, human connection too?