Untold Stories


This week brought the passing of Maya Angelou. I hopped online Wednesday morning to work and my Facebook feed was peppered with news of her passing, photos, quotes and more. I felt sad in a way that surprised me followed quickly by a huge sense of peace.

I poked around and read up more on her history and learned new things about Maya's life and fell even more in love with her and her work than I was before. I learned that this incredibly inspiring person and prolific creator, this woman who frankly I saw as a wise sage among us, was also incredibly human. Having spanned professions beyond what so many of us knew her for all the way back to fry cook and prostitute. She had a wisdom from this life and wasn't afraid to share it.

In my reading I came across the quote, "There is no greater agony that bearing an untold story inside us". I felt the heavy weight of truth and knew I had to paint her portrait in to a story circle. To capture even the tiniest essence of Doctor Angelou and some of what she shared with the world, a fragment of her story.

Like always, creating this circle focused on Maya illuminated and released more of my own. Visually the story of my love of watercolor and circles and working on a square. A few classes in portrait painting way back when. My need for black lines and hard edges and sometimes seemingly incessant pattern. In the non visual realm the stories that I have shared that sometimes feel so liberating, those that beg for more telling and those that I'm still figuring out. A moment of drawing parallels between the quote of literally bearing untold stories and our multiple miscarriages. A flash to all the libraries I have loved over the years where I no doubt checked out some of Maya's words.

This is just part of the power of Story Circles. Commemorating and capture of time, absolutely. Connection to your own story and deeper self knowledge, without a doubt. This June 21st, I start another course on their process of creation. It would be pretty sweet if you wanted to join us... Read more about the class here.