Story Circles- We Ride Again....

Last June I launched my first e-course, Story Circles. It was and is a course focused on creative expression for self connection within the context of exploring the circle and mandala. It started as two weeks but in subsequent rounds shifted in to four. It was strictly text and image based then shifted in to video as well. It was about using the circle to express your stories visually and became a deeper dive in to what those stories actually are.

Circles as self study or svadyaya, circles as release, circles as manifestation.

I am thrilled to be offering this exploration again starting June 21st, 2014, the summer solstice. For the hundreds who have participated previously the course is ever evolving and will present new content. For those new to the experience, come as you are with what you have. No special requirements whatsoever.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them or message me. I am so excited to be doing this exploration again and would love to have you join me:)

I'm also offering special early bird pricing for the first 25 sign ups so act now while the savings are still available.

Story Circles
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