Watch out for flying zebras...


Last night at the park as I pushed my son he shouted out of no where, "Watch out for flying zebras!"

This morning as M stomped around the house way to loudly I asked her why she was walking that way. "I'm a woctopus Mommy." A what? "A walking octopus, all those feet get noisy."

This afternoon as I brooded over the fact that I have nothing I've created I feel like blogging about (mainly because I haven't finished much artwork lately) I thought about how the kids are often my greatest inspiration. Their wonder and whimsy. Their big imaginations. Then I thought about how when they get home this afternoon I might try to tackle them and convince them to draw these wonderful creatures and more by my side.

Then maybe, just maybe, I'll get myself out to this easel and make something...

*the pic is an oldie, my studio is currently far to messy to snap a pic of;)